Eritrean Foundation for Social Justice and Development


Eritrea held the record for the second highest refugee outflow per capita. Over the last thirty years, more than one million Eritrean refugees have languished in exile abroad, more than half of them in urban slums and rural refugee camps in Sudan. Thousands of Eritreans had been permanently disabled, tens of thousands dead. A third of the population was displaced, a third of those people being children.

The people of Eritrea today are lacking basic human rights that most of the people in the planet are enjoying. Lack of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, free press, the ability of citizens to claim their own lands, and Equal citizenship for all is some examples. On the other hand, hundreds of thousands of Eritrean refugees in neighboring countries are suffering miserable life in their camps, while hundreds of thousands of Eritreans inside their own country are denied to get relief & development from the rest of the world due to government blockage to any external aid. Many of our young citizens are risking their lives in sea, desert, and shoot to kill policy.

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For how many generation?

My way or NO way

This is what is left. The SEA has swallowed them.