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Appeal to Eritreans in the Diaspora

Without organizing & mobilizing the efforts of Eritreans in Diaspora & without activating the silent majority of Eritreans in the Diaspora who would like to do something for their people, and their country, but do not know how, helping the needy is difficult. That is where the EFSJD comes in. We know how to reach the needy, but we need your support.  So, we appeal to all Eritreans in the Diaspora as well as to the rest of the world to come to the support of the needy Eritreans!

We think of EFSJD as a vehicle that uses Eritreans’ ideas & efforts to help bring real changes for the Eritrean people in the refugee camps. Therefore, we call upon all Eritreans in Diaspora in general and North America in particular to come forward and support our effort. If you think you can help, please contact us today.

Eritrean Foundation for Social Justice & Development (EFSJD)